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Equity in Heart Rhythm Research – Studying Representative Populations and Training Representative Investigators
As heart rhythm advances become increasingly specialized, complex, and often costly, disparity in research of therapeutics may develop among the patient populations who need them. This session seeks to explore the opportunities and challenges in conducting equitable research in heart rhythm diseases, recruiting representative populations including women, training diverse study investigators, and promoting global heart rhythm care among vulnerable populations.
Learning Objectives
  • To identify opportunities and challenges in conducting equitable research in heart rhythm diseases.
  • To explore strategies for training diverse study investigators.
  • To leverage international collaboration in diversifying research opportunities.
Session Chair(s)
Christine Albert, MD, MPH
Marmar Vaseghi, MD, MS, PhD
Diversity in Clinical Investigators: How Can We Improve the Training Pipeline so that Clinical Investigators are as Diverse as Our Patients?
Presenter(s)Usha B. Tedrow, MD, MS

Clinical Trials Without Borders: Opportunities and Challenges in Designing, Funding, and Staffing International Clinical Trials
Presenter(s)Atul Verma, MD

Are Trial Data on Heart Rhythm Procedures and Medications Applicable to Underrepresented Patients? What are the Top Priorities for Future Inclusive EP Clinical Trials?
Presenter(s)Kevin Thomas, MD

Digital Health Technology and Access of Underrepresented Patients to Heart Rhythm Clinical Trials
Presenter(s)Marco Perez, MD
Usha Tedrow:
  • Medtronic (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Biosense Webster, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • St. Jude Medical (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Thermedical (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Boston Scientific (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Baylis Medical Company (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
Atul Verma:
  • Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Biosense Webster, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Medtronic (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Thermedical (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Adagio Medical (Research (Contracted Grants for PIs and Named Investigators only))
  • Kardium (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Galaxy Medical, Inc (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
Kevin Thomas:
  • Biosense Webster, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
Marco Perez:
  • Boston Scientific (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Feather Health (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Apple Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • Apple Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)
  • QALY (Ownership/Partnership/Principal)
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation Diverse Clinical Investigator Career Development (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee)

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