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The Beat Webinar Series - Episode 11 (On-Demand) - Analyzing the New AFib Guidelines
The Beat is a member-led, faculty-driven series of webinars and presentations hosted by HRS members and leaders. Join us in Boston for an in-person recording of Analyzing the New AFib Guidelines. Listen to an esteemed docket of speakers present on new information in the guidelines, specific changes included in the latest release, lifestyle and risk factor management, rhythm control and ablation, as well as stroke prevention. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, questions and answers.
Learning Objectives
  • 1. Outline the differences between the most recent AF guidelines and prior guideline statements.
  • 2. List the recommendations for stroke prevention in the most recent AF guidelines statement.
  • 3. Explain nonmedical and lifestyle changes highlighted in the most recent AF guidelines statement.
Session Chair(s)
Jason Jacobson, MD
Michael Lloyd, MD
Prashanthan Sanders, MBBS, PhD
What's New in the Guidelines
Presenter(s): Jose A. Joglar, MD

Lifestyle and Risk Factor Management - What Should We Do?
Presenter(s): Andrea M. Russo, MD

Rhythm Control and Ablation - What Was Changed?
Presenter(s): Janice Y. Chyou, MD

Stroke Prevention - How Should We Stratify?
Presenter(s): Fred M. Kusumoto, MD

Presenter(s): Emma Svennberg, MD, PhD

Presenter(s): Dominik K. Linz, MD, PhD

Presenter(s): Hui-Nam Pak, MD, PhD

Presenter(s): Hugh Calkins, MD
Jose Joglar:
  • Nothing Relevant to Disclose
Andrea Russo:
  • UpToDate, Inc. (Royalty Income - Writing/editing)
  • Medtronic (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Pacemate (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Medtronic,Inc. (Research (Contracted Grants for PIs and Named Investigators only) - Research)
  • AtriCure, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Sanofi (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Speaking and Teaching)
  • Biosense Webster, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Boston Scientific (Research (Contracted Grants for PIs and Named Investigators only) - Research)
  • Biotronik (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Speaking and Teaching)
  • Boston Scientific (Consulting - Research Steering Committee/Consulting)
  • BMS / Pfizer Alliance (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Speaking)
  • Abbott Medical (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
Janice Chyou:
  • Nothing Relevant to Disclose
Fred Kusumoto:
  • Nothing Relevant to Disclose
Emma Svennberg:
  • Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Pfizer, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Sanofi (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Roche Diagnostics (Research (Contracted Grants for PIs and Named Investigators only) - Research)
  • Merck (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Speaking and Teaching)
  • Johnson and Johnson (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Speaking and Teaching)
Dominik Linz:
  • Nothing Relevant to Disclose
Hui-Nam Pak:
  • Nothing Relevant to Disclose
Hugh Calkins:
  • Abbott (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Biosense Webster, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Medtronic (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Medtronic (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Speaking and Teaching)
  • AtriCure, Inc. (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)
  • Tenaya Therapeutics (Honoraria/Speaking/Consulting Fee - Consulting)

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