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Allied Professionals (Heart Rhythm 2022)
A curated bundle of sessions presented at Heart Rhythm 2022, specific for the Allied Healthcare Professional in the field of electrophysiology. The education is presented in various learning formats, including Case-Based, Core Curriculum, Abstracts, and more. Please note: this bundle does not include credit.
Content Overview
The Allied Health Professional category from Heart Rhythm 2022 contains the following sessions:
  • After Ablation: Advancing Our Approach to Afib Patient Care (AP-519)
  • Best Advice for CIED Advisories (AP-406)
  • Build a Strong CIED Management Orientation Program (AP-399)
  • Building up a Multi-Disciplinary AF Clinic/Practice: Where to Start? (AP-279)
  • Care of Patients with AF in 2022: How Far Have We Come? (AP-333)
  • Challenging Cases in the EP Lab: Lessons Learned (AP-331)
  • Device Programming for Kids (AP-398)
  • Disparities in Care: What Can We Learn? (AP-325)
  • Is My Device Clinic Functioning Optimally? (AP-306)
  • Leveling Up the EP Team (AP-423)
  • Multidisciplinary Care for Patients with Arrhythmias (AP-330)
  • New Remote Programming Technologies for CIED patients (AP-396)
  • Optimal Patient Education in AF: What Does the Evidence Tell Us? (AP-324)
  • Optimizing Care of the SICD Patient: Special Programming and Management Strategies (AP-518)
  • Optimizing the Yearly In-person CIED Patient Encounter (AP-397)
  • Pacemaker Electrocardiography: What Can You Tell without Interrogating the Device? (AP-322)
  • Recognizing and Responding to Wound Complications Following Cardiac Device Placement (AP-320)
  • Research Gaps and Opportunities in the Secondary Prevention of AF (AP-317)
  • Strategies to Minimize Fluoro Exposure in Interventional EP: Simple to Complex (AP-476)
  • The Business of Caring for the CIED Patient (AP-421)
  • The Expanding Role of Allied Health Professionals in the World of Cardiogenetics (AP-328)
  • What Do We Know About the QT Lately? (AP-517)
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Contains: 5 Courses
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