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Rhythm Theater - Neuromodulation for Heart Failure, a New Therapeutic Frontier. BAROSTIM NEO the World’s First Neuromodulation Therapy for Heart Failure: Clinical Evidence, Patient Selection and Implant Practices
The esteemed group of electrophysiologists and heart failure specialists review autonomic modulation therapies for the treatment of heart failure. The group introduces the BAROSTIM NEO device, the world’s first FDA approved neuromodulation device for the treatment of heart failure. The team discusses BAROSTIM NEO clinical evidence, patient selection, implantation procedure, and the clinical and technological plans for the next generation of BAROSTIM NEO. 
Thomas F. Deering, MBA, MD, FHRS, CCDS
Bradley Knight, MD, FHRS
Larry Chinitz, MD, FHRS
Michael R. Gold, MD, PhD, FHRS
Luanda Grazette, MD
Marwan Bahu, MD, FHRS
Khaled Awad, MD
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